B2™ 1-Piece Fully Flocked Body Variety Decoys 4 Pk.

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The 1-Piece Fully Flocked Variety pack adds extra realism to your spread.  

Bigfoot’s Canada Goose decoy is found in most commercial hunting camps, and is still the decoy other companies have been chasing since 1984. No doubt in our minds Bigfoot decoys are the finest goose decoys we have ever hunted over, and we have tried them all, including stuffers.

Exacting realism, rugged construction, and great performance make Bigfoot decoys a great value.

Bigfoot decoys are molded with the head and body connected from tough polyethylene; feather detail is molded in and gives a soft lifelike appearance.

Patented leg-foot assembly allows decoys to be used without stakes or tie-downs.

Decoy stands well on its own two feet.

Made of a 1piece head-body, and the traditional Bigfoot leg and foot assembly. 

Durable polyethylene stands up to extreme cold.

Body perfectly mimics a real goose in the field. Flocked heads add that touch of realism that brings the birds in.

Variety pack assortment includes: 1 Feeder, 1 Bull, 1 Upright, 1 Resting. 

Decoy size is 25"L x 24"H x 10"W.