Bigfoot™ Field Pintail Oversized Decoys 4 Pk. Drakes

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Bigfoot's styling of the Pintail is magnified in the over-sized decoy. Often found nesting in croplands and fields at distances away from the water, the Pintail's slender profile and long necks appear to make them stand taller than the rest. 

Striking realism in 3 dimensions means far less decoys are needed to build an effective spread. We don't imitate the live duck, we duplicate it. 

Feather detail is molded in hand painted for a soft, lifelike appearance.

Super tough polyethylene construction for a lifetime of hard use.

Shot damage will not affect the use of decoy.

Patented leg and foot assembles into one piece with one simple and secure snap lock connection providing a durable base expected with the Bigfoot Decoy brand. 

Bigfoot is the original free standing decoy. No holes to punch, no stakes to drive.

Regardless of your hunting conditions; frozen ground ice, snow,mud,or sand, Bigfoot decoys stand on their own two feet.

Super tough polyethylene construction for a lifetime of hard use. Will not get brittle and crack in sub-zero conditions. 

Painted areas are done by hand with tough, flexible, non-fading paint.

Natural coloring and lifelike profile gives credibility to this decoy from longer distances letting the Pintail draw in the ducks. 

Basic colors including grayish brown body, black heads, and black foot-leg assembly are permanently molded in.

All parts replaceable if lost.

Drake Size: 16 ¾” x 6 ½” x 7 ½”