A decoy company that makes a product that can stand the test of time. It's rare, we know.


Make no mistake about it, over thirty years ago Art Ladehoff and, "Big Foot, the Decoy", established the industry standard for field model full body goose decoys.

Art Ladehoff was made here. In America. And in a time when nearly all decoys are made overseas, his original Bigfoot decoys are still manufactured here, right in Goose Barn, Iowa. No import tariffs are passed your way through inflated prices. Just exceptional durability, decoys and gear worth putting your heard-earned dollar behind. 

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The Real Deal Since 1985

Want something done right you've gotta do it yourself. A lesson from Bigfoot creator Art Ladehoff. His Bigfoot decoys are buiilt for real hunters.  Imitated by all and duplicated by none. These carnage creators are the most durable decoys ever to grace a ground blind. 

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Never take any crap, and don't buy any either.

Art Ladehoff never played second fiddle to anyone. He wasn’t fooled by the latest and greatest imitations. He was the real deal and since 1985, his Bigfoot Decoys have been built for real hunters. Authentic, exceptionally durable, something worth putting your hard-earned dollar behind. Because money’s something Art never joked about either.

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