We Don’t Imitate The Live Bird, We Duplicate It.

Since Live Decoys were made illegal, and until the appearance of Bigfoot, hunters who wanted super looking goose decoys had little choice but to acquire a spread of stuffed decoys.

Obviously, it is not possible to improve on the coloration of a stuffer. But when it comes to cost, life expectancy, body proportions, maintenance, durability, and handling, Bigfoot outperforms stuffers feet down.

Bigfoot decoys can help any hunter to be more successful, no matter what his or her budget may be. Just a few Bigfoot decoys used on ice or in a snowy field can work wonders. A small group added as attractors to a conventional decoy spread can make a big difference. Naturally, a larger number for a club or group of hunters is great.

For the professional hunter, the realism and superior quality will make their clients feel better even on days the geese don’t fly so well.

Dollar for Dollar, Bigfoot Is Your Best Buy!

All painted areas are done by hand with tough, flexible, non-fading paint. Basic colors are molded in. Lost heads, legs and feet are replaceable. Less decoys required for equal decoying power.

Bigfoot is built tough, hopefully, to give a lifetime of service. Will not get brittle and crack in sub-zero conditions. Molded in feather detail and hand brushing combine to give decoys the soft appearance of live geese.

  • Guaranteed larger and better shaped than stuffed decoys
  • Magnum size, 34” L x 26” H x 11” W; weight approximately 3 ½ lbs
  • Feather detail is molded in hand painted for a soft, lifelike appearance
  • Super tough polyethylene construction for a lifetime of hard use
  • Shot damage will not affect the use of decoy
  • Will not get brittle and crack of cold
  • Far less decoys are needed to be effective
  • Painted areas are done by hand with tough, flexible, non-fading paint
  • Basic colors including grayish brown body, black heads, and black foot-leg assembly are permanently molded in
  • All parts are replaceable if lost
  • Bigfoot stands well on its own two feet, no stakes necessary. No matter what the conditions; ice, mud, sand or frozen fields, Bigfoot can be used, complete with feet, staked in place or free standing
  • Decoy consists of three parts: head, body, and our exclusive leg-foot assembly with snap lock connections
  • Body is compressible for easier handling

Even with extra hard use, Big Foot is good for the long haul. It is possible that all the decoys sold in those first years are still in use today.

Preferred by Hunters

Striking realism in 3 dimensions. We don’t imitate the live bird we duplicate it. Bigfoot makes a difference on those tough birds. No matter what other brand of decoys a hunter may be using, give him a couple dozen Bigfoots and they will end up being set in what the hunter considers the most strategic position to get the geese in close.

Fast To Set Up, Easy to Re-Position

The patented leg and foot assembles into one piece, no stakes required for use. Bigfoot decoys are very versatile. Regardless of your hunting conditions; frozen ground, ice, snow, mud, or sand, Bigfoot decoys stand on their own two feet. Bigfoot is the original free standing decoy. No holes to punch, no stakes to drive.

For Guides and Outfitters

For the professional hunter, the realism and superior quality will make their clients feel better even on days the geese don’t fly so well. No matter what your budget may be…you cannot afford to be without some Bigfoot decoys in your hunting setup.

An Extremely Versatile Decoy

Bigfoot decoys are offered in distinctly different models. Our Original model, which comes with 3 separate head styles, resting, upright, and active. Our Feeder model, duplicates the exact head and body position of a goose that has found feed. This Feeding model comes with only a feeder style head. *Note the Feeder model head will not interchange with the Original model heads. Our newer Floater model has 4 realistic head positions.