Bigfoot™ Whitefront Specklebelly Decoys Variety 6 Pk.

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With Whitefront populations exploding in all areas of the country, we decided it was time to bring back full body Whitefronts.

These one-piece Bigfoot Whitefront Goose decoys are constructed of the same tough polyethylene as all other Bigfoot decoys, and have molded in feather detail, and like all our decoys are hand painted.

With the added pressure of spring hunting, Whitefronts have become one of the wariest of all geese to decoy. Full body decoys have become a necessity to have continued success decoying these wary birds. Adding full body Whitefronts will give you the extra edge to help bring birds into the magic zone!

Packed 6 one-piece decoys to a box.

Variety: 2 Upright, 4 Feeder.