Bigfoot™ Field Oversized Mallard on Feet 4 Pk.

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Bigfoot's styling of the Mallard is magnified in the over-sized decoy. Often found nesting in croplands and fields at distances away from the water. Striking realism in 3 dimensions means far less decoys are needed to build an effective spread. We don't imitate the live duck, we duplicate it. 

Feather detail is molded in hand painted for a soft, lifelike appearance.

Super tough polyethylene construction for a lifetime of hard use.

Shot damage will not affect the use of decoy.

Patented leg and foot assembles into one piece with one simple and secure snap lock connection providing a durable base expected with the Bigfoot Decoy brand. 

Bigfoot is the original free standing decoy. No holes to punch, no stakes to drive.

Regardless of your hunting conditions; frozen ground ice, snow,mud,or sand, Bigfoot decoys stand on their own two feet.

Super tough polyethylene construction for a lifetime of hard use. Will not get brittle and crack in sub-zero conditions. 

Painted areas are done by hand with tough, flexible, non-fading paint.

Natural coloring and lifelike profile gives credibility to this decoy from longer distances letting the Mallard draw in the ducks. 

All parts replaceable if lost.

Contains 4 drakes.

Decoy Size: 16 ¾” x 6 ½” x 7 ½”